About Grace

About Me

I have always been interested in movement of the body and have danced from an early age. This led to me studying dance and theatre at university, where my interest in Bodywork grew into a passion. Whilst studying the Skinner Release Technique I began seeing my body and others around me in a different way and began questioning the mechanics of the body, how we are designed to move and why we seem not to follow the natural flow as our body adapts to life challenges.

My first introduction to Pilates was during university as a form of exercise for us to strengthen our centres and lengthen our muscles before dancing. After a couple of years I came back to practising Pilates after suffering with a bad back and other sticky joints due to a sedentary office job at the time. I then saw how Pilates is used not only for making our centres stronger but for rehabilitation, to improve posture and to help with improving the quality of movement during our daily lives. My love for Pilates and for movement in general was re-awakened and it seemed that the natural thing to do was to become a Pilates teacher.

I chose to study with Body Control Pilates in London as their ‘Level 3 Matwork’ teachers program was very in-depth. It followed the main six principles originally created by Joseph Pilates but has been modified to fit with the 21st Century lifestyles we lead. The form of exercise is safe, effective and challenging and is recommended by medical practitioners. The Body Control Pilates organisation also require their teachers to continue with their learning development whilst practising Pilates therefore keeping my own classes current and my clients constantly challenged.


Level 3 Pilates Matwork Teacher

Level 3 Physical Activity & Health Considerations for the Older Adult

Level 3 Certificate in Designing Pilates Programmes for Bones Health