About Pilates

We encourage quality rather than quantity for each exercise and hope that a client can begin to understand the many levels of each exercise even the so-called simple ones! By following ‘The Pilates Fundamentals’ created by Body Control Pilates we can allow this low impact form of exercise to develop the body to be stronger, leaner, more focussed whilst becoming more relaxed and happy. Three key ‘fundamentals’ also known as the ABC’s are vital into how Pilates should be performed.

Alignment – By bringing the mind aware of the body being in correct alignment we are allowing the bones and joints to move in a more natural state that encourages the desired muscles to work efficiently.

Breathing – A breathing pattern for each exercise has been designed to facilitate the movement, stabilise parts of the body as well as encouraging a lovely flow. By using the breath we are also making the mind more focussed on each exercise and in turn releasing the body of any unwanted tension.

Centring (Core Stability) – Each exercise uses a level of ‘core’ or ‘centre’ to keep certain parts of the body stable and to keep the spine safe. By practicing Pilates regularly, our centres become stronger which will allow us to perform more difficult exercises with ease.

Designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play and in the way you work. Joseph Pilates

Body Control Pilates was founded by Lynne Robinson and Gordon Thomson and established in London in 1995. It was designed so that there was greater emphasis on Pilates Matwork, by doing this and creating a programme that trained teachers in matwork it opened Pilates up to everyone rather than just dancers or athletes. They felt the benefits of Pilates should be and still is available to all through safe, effective and good quality teaching.

The Body Control Pilates Method has broken down each exercise so that they can be taught step by step and layered so that a client can start with the basics and then progress to potentially the full classical mat routine created by Joseph Pilates. By breaking down the exercises, the client is encouraged to learn awareness of their body in space and how it moves, which will also help them to improve their posture as well as their strength and flexibility.

If you would like more information about Body Control Pilates, then please head to www.bodycontrolpilates.com

Joseph H. Pilates, born 9th December 1883 in Germany suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever as a child. From then on, his interest in improving is health and physical condition grew to a passion which he wanted to share with others. To overcome the many medical problems he suffered with he stayed away from typical exercise regimes of the time and instead experimented by practicing many forms of exercise such as Yoga, dance, weight training and skiing all of which he took aspects from to develop a perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

He eventually created ‘Contrology’ which means the science of control or Pilates as we know it today.In 1912 he moved to England to train detectives in the Scotland Yard. World War 1 broke out whilst he was still in England and because of his nationality he was sent to a prison camp in the UK. Undeterred, he helped the camps infirmary and began rehabilitating the sick and wounded. When an influenza epidemic broke out killing thousands, those trained by Joseph were not affected.

In 1926, Joseph immigrated to the USA and on the boat he met his future wife Clara. When they realised they shared the same views about health and fitness they decided to open a studio in New York. His first clients were mainly boxers but that gradually changed to the majority of his clients being professional ballet dancers followed closely by actors, actresses, gymnasts and athletes all of whom were intrigued to learn from Joseph Pilates.

My method develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit. Joseph Pilates