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Red Bay

And What I Do

I started dancing when I was 5 years old and was part of my local dance school where I trained until I was 18, I continued on a path of dance and theatre at university with the intention of using my degree and head to a career in the Arts.

However, studying something in such depth that was such a love and hobby of mine really took the fun out of it and so I stepped away.

Pilates movers working out.
It's A Way Of Life

The one constant movement practice that did stay a part of my life pre and post university was Pilates. I used to head to my local commercial gym and took part in weekly classes not really knowing much about this movement apart from it made my back feel strong and I was recommended it by my Osteopath.

It became an integral part of my dance training at university and was used to warm us up before hours of rehearsals, it also, once again kept my body injury free.

After returning home and doing an office based job which made my back sore due to the lack of movement I knew I needed to return to Pilates.

Discovering quality

Rather than just heading to the local commercial gym I did some research this time and found a Body Control Pilates teacher who only took 12 people in each class and gave each ‘mover’ attention and support.

I then saw how Pilates is used not only for making our centres strong which is the common thought but for rehabilitation, to improve posture and to help with improving the quality of movement during our daily lives.

My love for Pilates and for movement in general was re-awakened and it seemed that the natural thing to do was to become a Pilates teacher.

Body Control Pilates

I chose to study with Body Control Pilates in London as their ‘Level 3 Matwork’ teacher training program is very in-depth. It followed the main six principles originally created by Joseph Pilates but has been modified to fit with the 21st Century lifestyles we lead.

The Body Control Pilates organisation also require their teachers to continue with their learning development whilst practising Pilates therefore keeping my own classes current and my clients constantly challenged.

Pilates movers working out.

The joys of teaching

I qualified December 2013 and began slowly starting up new classes that are predominantly mixed ability sessions and currently have a diverse range of wonderful humans taking part.

I love being a Pilates teacher and helping people discover new things about their body, I can also make my lesson plans a bit “choreographed” which still pleases the dancer within me..!

What Is Pilates?