Pilates movers working out.


Pilates movers working out.

And Attention

Each class has the maximum of 12 ‘Movers’, this gives everyone space and the opportunity to receive individual attention.

As the classes are mixed abilities you may find that the people on either side of you are doing something different as that is what they require for their body that day. All exercises can be modified and suited for each person in the room.

Pilates movers working out.

and Observation

Time is spent doing a bit of demonstrating and then walking around the space observing each person and encouraging them to get the most out of each exercise.

If things can be improved technique or safety wise then verbal or tactile cues will be given to that Mover. The use of hands-on work is very important as it gives important feedback as to where the body is in space.

Grace using the macbook.

And those joining
Zoom classes

The only difference is that there will be no tactile cues! Sometimes you’ll be asked to move your angle so different parts of your body can be seen on screen but there is plenty of verbal direction given.

You’ll be put on mute so if you have a busy and noisy household it won’t disturb the rest of the class. Pets are strongly encouraged to join in!

Regardless of being online or face to face, all blocks follow loose themes to maintain variety, focus and challenge. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and to listen to their bodies.

There is opportunity to develop an understanding into the benefits and the movement of each exercise which can then be practiced in your own time. Sometimes even homework is given out for you to carry on doing your own movement during our holiday breaks!

Balance and
Strength Classes

This session is 1 hour of floor based exercises. A chair will also be used for some exercises.  All Movers must be able to get up and down from the floor, however a chair can be used to help.

There will be more of an emphasis on building up strength within the muscles using resistance bands, small hand held weights and your own body weight. This will also help to build up bone density. Time will be spent challenging balance mixed in with co-ordination, this will be done in standing and also on the floor.

The aim will still be to take your body through all the ranges so you feel well balanced and moved within all the joints but we will avoid some particular movements like Curl Ups or Roll Downs so that this class is perfectly safe for those with bone health conditions like Osteoporosis

Pilates movers working out.

Classes following
The Fundamentals

Geared up for beginners to improvers, these classes will take you through the main fundamentals of Pilates. Mr Joseph Pilates created 6 principles or "fundamentals" to encourage the Mover to embody the exercise fully physically and mentally. We still aim to follow these principles to this day, they are concentration, centering, precision, breathing, control and flow. These sessions will work through the bare bones of Pilates exercises with some added challenges along the way to allow you to have a well rounded session that once again encourages you to work through all 6 principles correctly and confidently.

Pilates movers working out.

Chair and

These classes are suitable for those that want to get moving but don't want to be on the floor to do it. Time will be spent mobilising joints as well as challenging balance and co-ordination to aid in improving daily movements. The aim will be to use these sessions to help make performing daily tasks better. A light-hearted class for those that want to spend time meeting like minded souls, there will certainly be plenty of time for a natter! Please note that these classes are held in a venue that require climbing stairs.

Pilates kit needs to be
provided by you.

Here is a list as to what we use in most classes:
  • Pilates Mat
  • Head Cushions – thick and thin
  • Resistant Band
  • Overball/Squidgy ball
  • Tennis Ball
  • Small Hand Weights
  • Long Foam Roller
  • Pilates Ring
Where can I get what I need?