The running of the class



Each class whether it is online or in a studio will have the maximum of 12 clients so that everyone can receive individual attention during the hour. The class will follow a lesson plan that has the opportunity to be adapted to suit the needs of the clients. I explain each exercise thoroughly giving you the aim of the exercise so you can understand what you are wanting your body to achieve as well demonstrating the exercise so that you can see how your body should be moving. I will let you have a go at the exercise to see how you interpret my words/actions and then follow up with support either verbally or with tactile cues. During the face to face sessions I can offer hands-on corrections if you feel comfortable with this option.

During the course of each session, I will encourage you to develop at your own pace and enjoy the progression you will make each week. By keeping the classes challenging, flowing and focussed, this will help you and your body relax into each exercise more. You will also develop an understanding into the benefits and the movement of each exercise which can then be practiced in your own time. I will also give you some bits of homework to have a go at during the holidays!

What to have around you…

  •  Bring along a bottle of water to stay hydrated and avoid eating just before the class so that you can move with ease.
  • Thick Pilates Mat
  • Suitable head cushions – I can advise which would be the best ones
  • Potentially additional kit may be needed as you go through the term
  • Wear layers and socks